Why you should prepare for Halloween with a backup flashlight

By Mackenzie Thompson, CNN • Updated 6th February 2019

This year, you might want to have your mask on at the ready.

A major geomagnetic storm is being forecast for this Halloween, according to the Space Weather Prediction Center . The center says the storm could create lighting and communications problems, and could even disrupt the GPS system.

The storm, which the center says will be the largest in 12 years, is the result of an intense solar flare, associated with a massive solar storm. The solar flare erupted on Thursday, but it won’t be felt until Thursday night.

That could give some of us some time to make sure our phones are charged.

X-class solar flares are the most powerful type of solar flares, according to the Sun’s space weather website.

The flares can power storms that cause disruptive radio transmissions, solar coronal mass ejections that send a cloud of charged particles into space and geomagnetic storms that cause strange magnetic activity throughout the northern and southern lights.

When a geomagnetic storm occurs, it can affect electricity grids, radio communications and aircraft routes.

According to the center, all that just means that Halloween might be a little trickier this year.

There are plenty of ways to ensure you’re prepared for these kinds of storms. CNET has a great roundup of other tips.

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