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Mitch had an idea after high school that never materialized into a career: being a professional competitive swimmer.

It seems like science finally caught up with Mitch as he ventured to Australia for a coaching job. After two years under the tutelage of Australian Olympic Coach Andre Saad, Mitch began to realize his dream of competing in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

While in Australia, Mitch also was able to meet up with long time friend Daniel Davis.

“I realized that Daniel liked the pool too, and we decided to hit the same swimming pool in Sydney and swim to learn a little bit more. For some reason, it clicked,” said Mitch.

Determined to make it in the pool, Mitch also got certified to do water yoga.

“The water completely changed my life. The way that my body feels changed dramatically and the confidence and also the balance in my core felt amazing. I definitely didn’t change back.”

Mitch even came back to the U.S. with new confidence and his first Australian swimsuit.

“Everybody wanted to ask me what is so different about Australian swimming suits… I said you would have to ask the Australian people,” said Mitch with a laugh.

Having recently signed a contract to join Australian Swim Club, Mitch is training and catching the attention of Australian athletes who are raving about his swimming skills.

“I think I have a lot to offer at this level right now. It just depends on what is the right fit,” said Mitch.

While in Sydney, he spent time with teammates Robby Deegan and his sister Alex. He even ended up living with Robby’s family in Sydney.

But what about young Australian swimmers? What does Mitch think about the swimming culture in Australia?

“Even the Australian swimmers say their parents are very strict. I think the way they learn their lessons is very strict. It just sets them up for success as well.”

While the Sydney waters are usually cold, Mitch hopes to bring his Australian love of the sport to a warmer environment.

“I’m never going to go back and swim in a crazy warm pool. I don’t want to live in the middle of a tropical paradise and build up the strength I need and the endurance I need to swim in pools that will make it tough for me,” said Mitch.

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