CANDi-Niece Ortiz, Executive Producer of CNN Newsroom

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A portion of the American Folk Art Museum in a stark glass building in a gray building in Dumbo, Brooklyn, New York?

Then, Cuban expats hold an indoor and outdoor art show in Miami, Florida.

FOX’s Steve Doocy discusses these stories and more with Diana Falzone, Managing Director of Global Content Acquisition at Axel Springer:


“Crossing Jordan” as reported by Tatiana Sanchez-David is being called a disaster for the CNN Newsroom:

(Sanchez-David) “We actually have some bad area on our show.”

CANDi-Niece Ortiz, Executive Producer of CNN Newsroom sat down with Steve.

(Sanchez-David) “It was the hardest interview to do on ‘Crossing Jordan’ because everything that we were telling you about was not the reality, but the fake reality.”

Sanchez-David says when they first worked on the project, they held back from airing the concept.

(Ortiz) “We weren’t exactly ready, so when we started airing it more people could see it as an interview about a home that they could go and buy, and therefore they could pay more.”


When John Lewis tells us live in front of millions he wants to see an orderly election, but then he refuses to vote in the midterms, he ought to bring his sign to the House floor:

(Lewis) “I’m sending a letter to Congress and the Senate and telling them this Congress needs to be conscious of the people that are now out of work, that they need to address the infrastructure that’s collapsing all over the country.”

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