James Franco friend Stanley Tucci draws parallels to Love, Simon set

British actor says shooting on new romantic comedy Love, Simon reminded him of his high school graduation celebration

Stanley Tucci and John Krasinski ate turkey dinners together on the set of their new movie Love, Simon, casting light on the British actor’s long-held fondness for US comedian James Franco.

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The 38-year-old actor said the movie, which stars Krasinski and has been in production for more than six months, was reminiscent of his high school graduation party in Vienna, Virginia.

“It was very similar,” Tucci said at the film’s premiere on Tuesday in Los Angeles. “And me, at age 18, acting opposite people, eulogising and kissing them, it’s what I’ve been waiting for my whole life.”

Tucci and Franco shared a chemistry reading to prepare for their onstage roles as an engaged couple, and Tucci even received a basket from Franco filled with art supplies.

“We had a lot of conversations about this other character, this older hipster guy who doesn’t believe in sexuality, let alone being gay, that you can actually grow old as a gay person and have a lot of happy memories,” Tucci said.

“At his age, I’m a little younger and none of these arguments that he gives me feel like they’re fair, but then maybe they are, I don’t know.”

Tucci also remarked on the resilience of its protagonist, Simon Spier (Krasinski), who identifies as gay and who is sent online by an anonymous fan to be convinced to come out.

“I grew up in the suburbs of Vienna, Virginia, and there’s a lot of people who actually, from middle school on, were a little ahead of their time,” he said.

“And they were able to tell me that I was missing out on a lot of fun and one day that was going to be me. It was a good thing to know.”

Love, Simon opens in the US on 24 June and a day later in the UK.

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