Suit alleges theme park manager was negligent in two deaths

Today a lawsuit was filed on behalf of two boys who were killed at the once popular Astroworld theme park in 1989. They allege that manager Travis Scott failed to respond to ongoing fire alarms that were occurring on the property (Dryden Martin, 14, and Blake Ruddock, 13). Scott and Roger Espinoza, a former Astroworld employee and manager’s brother, were blamed in a wrongful death suit, according to the New York Daily News. The claims came to light only after photos of the boys’ bodies were discovered behind the rubber-tire oval in this section of the park.

Those who visited the theme park between 1990 and 2011 claimed that they had found that fire alarms didn’t go off at the park. Also, a fire alarm was also heard, though there are conflicting accounts of the time between the fire alarm and Scott allegedly standing at the scene to turn on the lights.

Part of the lawsuit alleges that when agents showed up, they were unsuccessful in getting Scott to let them in the building to investigate.

The lawsuits also says that Scott had begun getting complaints about a foul odor coming from the ride he oversaw.

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