Waukesha Christmas parade cancelled over car crash

Image copyright NBC Image caption A black car plowed through a Waukesha Christmas parade on Saturday

A Waukesha Christmas parade to remember a driver who ploughed into a group of people has been cancelled.

Officials said the Waukesha US Bank Holiday Parade was instead to be a moment of silence.

Waukesha police said the driver of a black vehicle hit nine people on Saturday, with two of them seriously injured.

The driver remained in police custody on Sunday, but did not appear in court as expected.

The driver of the car, identified as 32-year-old Nathan Strazdins, was described by his sister as having a history of mental illness.

“All the characters in this investigation are not what their initial stories were, and [he] was the most sick of all of them,” his lawyer Robert Frieze said in court.

Mr Strazdins faces several charges, including assault with a dangerous weapon, as well as driving with a revoked licence and an open container.

Image copyright Waukesha County Sheriff Image caption More than 25 people were at the Christmas parade

Each of the hit-and-run victims were described as having been struck by a vehicle travelling in the wrong direction as it was barrelling down the street.

Image copyright NBC Image caption One of the injured was reportedly being helped to the police station by his father

On Saturday, Mayor Shawn Reilly and local police urged anyone who witnessed the collision to come forward with information about the incident.

Image copyright Waukesha County Sheriff Image caption The driver remains in police custody

“This is not a case where the victims or our first responders did anything but try to help,” he said.

Waukesha’s police chief said the driver was thought to have been intoxicated and “the trajectory of the vehicle is just baffling”.

The attack was the latest in a string of car-ramming and mass shootings in the US.

Image copyright Waukesha County Sheriff Image caption The parade was stopped after the incident

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