Texas teen kills his mother, goes after her 12-year-old brother

Texas teenager Dylan Ryan was shot and killed by his mother on Sunday night, which led authorities to search for his 12-year-old brother, who has been missing since the incident. According to the police, Dylan reportedly shot his mother after “a verbal argument and physical altercation” with her. She called police to report the shooting just after 8 p.m. E.T. when she went to collect the boys from their mother’s house in Killeen, near Fort Worth. Police tried to track down Dylan’s 12-year-old brother, but called off the search on Monday night after they had exhausted all available leads. The two boys attended the same middle school, according to CNN, but police say they did not know each other or their parents. Police are still on the lookout for the 12-year-old, named Logan, but say there is no reason to believe he is still in the area. Logan is 5-foot-3 and 150 pounds.

Speaking to a crowd of reporters at a press conference on Monday, Killeen Police Chief Cedric Alexander said the case was “pretty unique.” “It’s something we haven’t seen before, I would like to believe it was an accident,” Alexander said. “Because if it was an accident then how did the 12-year-old stay out there? The way we see it, he had to leave that house before his brother was going to see what was happening.” It is unclear why the mother was apparently pointing a gun at Dylan, who is believed to have been unarmed.

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