Incomplete signals … Clevlek tries to explain why flashing lights at ‘busy intersection’ were installed 5 years ago

It’s enough to drive anyone crazy. When WKYC displayed a photo of the crossing signal at a busy intersection in Cleveland, Ohio, some viewers were sure they had seen the signal installed at the site five years ago. In fact, the pedestrians didn’t even know it was there, Clevlek Chief Engineer Daniel Flores told WWBN, where the photo was first shared.

He explained that it’s the latest addition to the system: “They’ve done an upgrade and there’s a sidewalk that’s been painted over, so there are just more construction barriers. The sidewalk has in effect eliminated the crossing signals that are here at this location.”

If it is old, it was installed at a time when there was none other than Mayor Frank Jackson. Sadly, that era is long over.

“There are other areas in the city that have crosswalks installed that have not seen the same paint application process as this one,” Flores told us, adding that in some cases, the painting has been done multiple times in different areas. “So it’s a bit confusing when you’re trying to get across the street.”

Clevlek Transdev, a subsidiary of Amegy Bank and owner of WKYC, sent WWBN a statement saying the company is “a proud member of the community and have been here since 1953.”

The image of the signal was shared on Twitter by @WKYC_News, where users expressed concerns about the flashing yellow lights, writing “What if they stop working tomorrow? #keepupwiththeprogress #sidewalk.”

Clevlek Transdev’s statement stated that “the red-and-yellow light was installed about five years ago and requires the pedestrian to cross in the right-hand lane.”

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