2019 public television programming for July 25-31

You want to give back to the community this summer, or maybe you’re sending holiday cheer to some New York Cares fundraising victims, and you’re hungry for an icy summer drink (or six). Here is a run-down of the latest public television programming for late nights this weekend.

On Friday, July 26

Ft.nite is the perfect answer to those odd summer evenings. The one-hour Fortnite: Celebrity Island special—hosted by celebrity duo Chad Johnson and Joey Lawrence—follows celebrities playing the best game in the world alongside real kids and pros.

Fortnite: Celebrity Island (8 p.m., Saturdays; 8 p.m., Sundays on TLC)

The war on crime and corruption in the 1990s is examined in the hour-long Making of the Mob (9 p.m., Sundays on PBS Masterpiece). The documentary tells the story of the corruption that gripped New York City in the 1980s and 1990s, revolving around the activities of organized crime families.

Making of the Mob (9 p.m., Sundays on PBS Masterpiece)

On Sunday, July 28

Folks can join a French language workshop during the Sunday English Camp on Sundays (7 p.m., Thursdays on Interpreter Ahead) at The Learning Annex.

Sunday English Camp (7 p.m., Thursdays on Interpreter Ahead)

Lifetime’s Huntley live-feed show, Casual, follows veterans as they hunt game. The new season sees them go back to Texas and spend time with the dog trainer whose loyal dogs will continue to work with them after they leave.

Huntley (8 p.m., Thursdays on Lifetime)

And on Tuesday, July 30

Freeform’s Hostile Takeover follows stepmothers across the country as they confront their stepchildren for their unfulfilled childhood ambitions.

Hostile Takeover (9 p.m., Tuesdays on Freeform)

Watch with Sally Langston, The Lede Report host.

Wednesday, July 31

The State Story: Denial Era, a deep dive into the prevalence of dioxin onshore and the long history of its use in the United States, examines the damage dioxin is still causing in the 21st century.

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