‘The Canadian version of the Hee Haw Show’: Greg Germain eats, slays with A&W

Misi from the Prince Edward Island-based A&W Root Beer empire, private chef and chef to House of Commons Greg Germain of Longueuil in Quebec, and Ladbrokes’ United Kingdom betting expert Patrick Thwaites of London told us what it’s like to be a young man about town. Take a look.

CNN: What do you do?

Jay McCauley: I’m a marketing assistant at Bloor Street Restaurants. I work with a young chef taking over the kitchens.

CNN: What is Bloor Street Restaurants?

Jay McCauley: We’re an organization owned by the two brothers who bought the A&W brands in Canada in 1982. We own pubs, and today the number is 135-plus, and all around Canada.

CNN: How do you start your day?

Jay McCauley: I get up about 3 a.m. We have breakfast in the morning.

CNN: What do you listen to?

Jay McCauley: We have a play list on the radio from time to time, but I tend to listen to Pop! 97.9’s daily breakfast show, called The Panel. I listen to a great mix.

CNN: How do you spend your weekends?

Jay McCauley: Doing what I’m doing, either on my land in Montreal where I have land, in the sun enjoying life.

CNN: What’s your religion?

Jay McCauley: I’m not religious. I’m not even close. I’m agnostic.

CNN: What do you do in your spare time?

Jay McCauley: Right now I’m the younger brother to a cousin who runs an ice rink. He’s my best friend — now we’re the sons of grandparents. It’s a fun project. I’m going to run it for him next year. I’m excited. It’s a big rink. I’m excited for the future.

CNN: Have you ever gambled?

Jay McCauley: Yes I have.

CNN: Do you know your mother-in-law (late wasg Seth MacFarlane)?

Jay McCauley: Yes, Seth MacFarlane’s mother was my aunt, so I know him pretty well.

CNN: Do you know your father?

Jay McCauley: Yes I do. He passed away about six years ago.

CNN: What’s your future?

Jay McCauley: I want to go to the Olympics with this group. I’m a young guy in Canada, so hopefully we’ll get there.

CNN: The next generation of young Canadians getting to go to the Olympics?

Jay McCauley: Yes. Yes they will. I have a great feeling about it.

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