Seven tech gifts that are relevant for 2019

There’s no one-size-fits-all method to finding the perfect stocking stuffer. Just make sure it’s relevant and uses some of the newest and most cutting-edge technology that’s on the market.

Here are eight tech gifts that might not look like much, but they’re all pretty innovative. For example, this $6 LED light is tiny enough to fit on a keychain, and a $13 watch that turns colors, acts as a timer, and even pauses streaming video when you’re talking on the phone.

We can get behind these practical gifts.

Onekara Track-X “DNA Shoebox”

A simple $35 smart shoebox is all you need to begin tracing your family tree. When you’re ready to begin doing genealogical research, simply pop in a hard drive of reference records and that DNA you collected in elementary school. There’s also a way to pick, store, and retrieve your family’s key possessions, such as photographs, birth certificates, and jewelry.

Amazon Prime Member, $49.98

Skechers Shape-Ups Nao 3-in-1 Freestyle

These are the perfect shoes for those who can’t quite tolerate the metal soles of a typical workout sneaker. But the 3-in-1 Freestyle iteration makes these simple rubber shoes even more compelling. You’ll have to let them spend a bit more time in the shoebox.

Skechers, $139.90

Gawker yearbooks

Who knew the oldest book in the nation’s public archives, which has been in the public domain since 1976, was a paper volume containing the testimonies of some of the most controversial figures of the 20th century? Typed on the newsprint cover is an anonymous bio of Joseph McCarthy, author of the Red Scare campaign against anti-communists and Catholic priests. This archive can also be used for public reading materials and as a tool to document historic events.

National Archives, $20

Gadgets for Kids

For the parent who wants everything on a smartphone, two stand-out products include this $49 wireless speaker and an $84 portable USB flashlight. These gadgets have great sound, if not the best sound quality, and can be powered by wall outlets or various other available outlet points, so there’s no need to plug them in to charge.

Amazon, $48

Invicta Communicator

If your little ones have personalities that rival your own, try buying them this $22 device for texting on the go. It’s small enough to fit in your phone’s micro USB port, but can emit clear text, Morse code, or be set to send balloon messages with your voice, so you can give your kid a surreal view of the world around them.

Apple, $22

Key IT Gloves

Taps, mittens, mittens that really go with your phone, and other flexible gloves are great options to outfit your little ones for winter outings in your kitchen. This $34, full-body bra grips your finger so they don’t drift into an awkward position. For an extra $12, you can buy a separate pair for a set of hands instead.

Amazon, $29.99

Hawaiian Stories

Apparel is not the only part of the travel experience that takes a beating during a trip. These travel songs include a “Should I Stay or Should I Go” type of song for when you think it’s time to say goodbye, a “Morning Dew”-style song during a day at the beach or pool, and an “Inner Time” song when you want to slow down the pace of your trip.

Amazon, $6.98

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