The flu: Canada should target teens’ viral infection rather than senior citizens

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The World Health Organization recommends everyone should be vaccinated against two doses of the flu

Canada would be much better advised to focus its vaccination efforts on the wider global community, rather than the country’s healthy elderly population.

Poor public health policy in Canada has allowed the active spread of the flu across the country.

Teens can find many friends on social media, and while the vast majority of that can be construed as harmless, not all of it can be.

Flu shots are important for a greater range of reasons than just age.

Up to 80% of people over 65 have a weaker immune system – making them less resistant to the strains of flu circulating.

Teenagers are particularly vulnerable to the risks of flu and can have lower levels of antibodies in their bodies, making them more likely to get sick.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Canadian clinics are overwhelmed with treatment requests

Even in their mid-to-late 20s, young adults are capable of getting the flu, even when they are not especially ill.

It is also important to remember that they can be more susceptible to other diseases, such as pneumonia.

Vaccinating young adults helps prevent the virus from spreading. When it spreads among teenagers, it can damage the immune system enough to cause further problems later in life.

Thankfully, Canadian clinics are overloaded with patients, many of whom want to get the shot for free.

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