“For the Greater Good” by Lisa Nelson

Financial advisors play a major role in the global economy – providing essential financial services such as money management, retirement planning, and investment management to thousands of clients.

Although we often view our financial planners as the faceless faceless figures who stand between us and our own financial independence, in actuality their efforts have a lot more to do with shaping our lives and helping us find fulfillment than even some of the country’s most popular modern day heroes.

So, for those of you who are ready to tap into the potential of your financial advisor, followed by a presentation on doing business with them that could change your life, we recommend “For the Greater Good” by Lisa Nelson.

The book aims to empower readers by providing unbiased guidance for how to get to know and cultivate a strong, healthy relationship with your financial planner. The objective is not to reveal anyone’s secrets or to paint the practitioner in a negative light – those are still true and intact, after all – but to allow readers to find a financial advisor with whom they can build a mutually rewarding, long-term relationship.

Furthermore, it empowers readers to take action by advocating for any actions to improve a financial advisor’s performance, goals, or worksite environment. Don’t be shy: Ask questions and form unique and innovative actionable relationships with your financial advisor. You can find many financial advisories who appreciate your valid concerns and appreciate the opportunity to work collaboratively with you to improve the overall financial well-being of your family.

Those positive interactions often lead to a discussion about how your financial advisor can better serve your long-term goals and aspirations. You should consider your financial planner as your mentor, your analyst, your expert, and even as a friend. Knowing who is best for you will ultimately determine how you invest your limited and finite dollars. There is value in finding someone you can trust to be a part of your financial future.

Now more than ever, individuals are looking for ways to empower themselves and strengthen their financial footprints. Take advantage of the organization’s dedication to empowering people with all kinds of financial products, as well as the network of more than 2,500 financial advisors located throughout the United States.

Not only are we rooted in this belief, but we are real experts – based in the real and positive relationships we have with our clients and assisting others to build and achieve their own financial independence. To receive up-to-date information about how to use our network of financial advisors to power your financial well-being, register for “For the Greater Good” here.

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