Yassify uses AI to ease your AI pain

Ever been introduced to someone and tried to figure out what it means? Maybe you’ve bought their new app, tried it and couldn’t seem to figure out what it did or even what you can use it for. Yassify is a virtual “associate,” who has never actually been introduced. But, thanks to its artificially intelligent algorithms, Yassify can hopefully at least tell you what it does and what you can use it for.

Yassify can only be summoned via Google Assistant. Just say “Yassify my companion,” and it will be ready.

Yassify is basically your assistant’s equivalent of Alexa. The similarities between Yassify and Alexa might be obvious to anyone who used either before, but Yassify allows you to set up a new “associate” who is always available (hint: it’s always online!) but who isn’t always perfect. Yassify’s assistant is able to bring up Amazon’s various virtual assistants and serve as a quick way to click through Alexa’s recommended brands. That includes Cityslick, which we use to order more gadgets from when we really really need them (sometimes I’m so tired I just want a little gadget plop-slop-slop). Yassify also has a secret ingredient: you can ask it to say any last name at any time, and Yassify will enter the one you chose into its algorithm. This is my handy-dandy assistant. It just sent me an envelope and a stamp to send back and forth with my dear grandmother. With her new Kindle, of course.

YassifyBot is the whole package and it’s available for free to anybody who’s a die-hard dog person who wants their favorite paparazzi face on their device. Yassify is also available on Snapchat and Instagram, so that way, even if you aren’t a dog person, you can still get a dog-centric app with your facial recognition technology.

Like the real celebrities they are, these bots aren’t robots — at least, not yet. They’re based on a deep learning algorithm called Calibos which is designed to teach computers the basics of human speech, albeit quickly and quickly to a set task. Yassify and its predecessor, YassifyBot, are the most advanced examples of the Calibos algorithm to date. As a side note, YassifyBot is available right now via Google Assistant, which is why Google is also the first company to endorse them.

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