What’s your ‘go to’ Thanksgiving moment? That one meal you’ll go back to year after year

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Eric and theuns Sandler, who famously shared a foosball table, play pingpong at every dinner together

A British guy crashed her Thanksgiving dinner. They’ve been married for 20 years

What’s your “go to” Thanksgiving moment? That one meal you’ll go back to year after year because you love the food? A funny photo? Tossing some pretzels into a pitcher of gravy? Maybe you’re just hoping your spouse thinks you’re handsome and a great dancer.

For one British couple, Thanksgiving has now stretched to two decades of marriage.

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Eric Sandler, who lives in Canada, and his wife, Theuns Sandler, a Dutch freelance editor, are Reddit regulars, whether it’s for participating in heartwarming photo shoots or their frequent games of pong, well-known in their home country, which is roughly equal distance from England and America.

The Dutch versions of the couple regularly update their relationship status on their Facebook page, where they have since 2010 posted an annual Thanksgiving photo.

They were taken in front of their German castle this year, and it was “a very fun day” as a way to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary, Theuns said.

“Family, friends, American Thanksgiving, too!” Eric told AP.

“We got on very well from the start so it’s just been a happy, successful and amazing marriage so far.”

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