What on earth is Hallmark doing in their new Christmas movie season?

Image copyright Hallmark Image caption ‘An Unexpected Christmas’ premiered on 12 June 2018

Unbelievably, this is the first film to be broadcast from Hallmark Christmas movies season 2019.

It’s called An Unexpected Christmas, and, in the age of #MeToo, it is called ‘an unexpected’ Christmas.

The word is true, as it’s actually set in the 1940s when the Christmas spirit is forced on soggy English families.

Image copyright Hallmark Image caption The film stars Fiona Dourif and Amanda Tapping as, respectively, a mother and daughter

Brit Anne Reid will play the picture perfect mum at the centre of the situation with family and friends sent in to help her out.

As the 70s arrive, she sends them off to the hills, the seaside, or – in the case of her unhappy and weary daughter – the countryside.

Filmed on location in Cornwall, the film stars Fiona Dourif, Amanda Tapping, Nancy Kulp, Ash Alderton, Charley Webb, Mary Boatwright, and David Haber.

No plot details are revealed, but when you’re in need of a Christmas story that is retro, and undeniably Christmasy, you can always turn to Hallmark’s channels.

It’ll certainly have something to appeal to adults, but kids might like it too.

And that’s before you factor in the charming soundtrack of classic Christmas carols.

“What does Christmas mean to you?” writer Ruth Gove asks her characters at the end of the movie’s first episode.

“Something to look forward to with family and friends,” they reply.

What will the response be? – You’ll be certain to find out over the next few weeks.

Watch ‘An Unexpected Christmas’ on Thursdays on Hallmark.

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