Former Canadian PM Tweets Out Support For ‘Courageous and Just’ Sex Assault Law

Former Canadian prime minister Brian Mulroney says the Quebec Parliament has introduced a “courageous and just” new law for rape victims.

“This legislation is good for Canada and good for all women. We should all hope that this law is enacted.” – former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney. — HuffPost Politics (@HuffPostPol) June 28, 2018

The changes were proposed last week by the Parti Quebecois and there are strong expectations that the law will be passed.

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A law prohibiting non-consensual sexual touching would be under the Criminal Code of Canada and many of the changes have been in place for some time, but for some the timing is fortuitous, “The Daily Wire” reported.

After a prior ban against near-insulting behavior from schoolteachers during school hours, “Je suis Charlie” is now a rallying cry.

The new law also aims to combat the ubiquity of robocalls, so they won’t disrupt polling stations as they did in the 2015 election.

Watch John Roberts’ full discussion with Rep. Diane Black (R-Tenn.) above.

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