Christmas Time Holidays: Randy Credico, Father Jonathan Morris, Tomi Lahren, Guy Benson & Abby Huntsman

Randy Credico, Father Jonathan Morris, Andrea Tantaros, Tomi Lahren, Guy Benson and Abby Huntsman take a spirited look at our Christmas time traditions during the 7 p.m. ET edition of the Saturday Debate.

Randy Credico, host of the radio show “Unfiltered with Randy Credico,” is not a typically religious person. But in recent years, he’s met some remarkable Christians who challenge his own faith. “I’ve met a lot of amazing Christians and I grew up with the Catholic church, and I’m Catholic now,” Credico says. “I think it teaches me tolerance. I mean, they have an orthodoxy. That’s part of the orthodoxy that you have to have. And I’ve met a lot of really good Christians who have a lot of life experiences, and they see things through a different lens than I do.”

Father Jonathan Morris, host of “Interfaith Youth Rally,” also not traditionally a religious person, adds that religion can inspire hope, peace and goodwill. “We need the same, love, compassion, caring for other beings, and kindness, and everything we have preached over and over and over again should lead us to the peace and happiness that we all desire,” he says.

Benson adds that the days leading up to Christmas are crucial to cultivating an understanding of the gift of God to each of us. “We do need some quiet time. We can’ve some reflection, but we also need to know that the spirit of Jesus is here all year, all the time, and that should be a constant reminder for us,” he says.

Tantaros does not support early Christmastime celebrations. “I just feel like it’s greedy and like one day a year to celebrate Jesus,” she says. “You know, it’s a tragedy. You know, I just think it is exploitative.”

Tomi Lahren, popular conservative commentator and host of “Tomi,” is another person who gets mixed reactions about the holiday. But on the particular morning of Christmas Eve when she celebrated with her family, she says she is an evangelist for Christmas. “I believe that Christmas Day really means Christ’s resurrection,” she says. “I absolutely do. I believe in the true spirit of Christmas.”

Guy Benson hosts the popular podcast “Benson and Harf” on the Fox News digital network. Follow him on Twitter: @GuyBenson_Fox

Andrea Tantaros is a FOX News political analyst. Follow her on Twitter: @AndreaTantaros

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